First publication??? (14 Sep 2012)

Well, folks, I’m not sure if it qualifies as me being “published”, but I just got my latest issue (Vol XL, Number 3, August 2012) of the “Bulletin of the Genealogical Society of Old Tryon County” today.  On the last page, p150, is the following:

“Clairifcation / Correction:  Malena Bailey

In the May 2012 article on the Braddy family, it was noted that Bery Israel Bailey married Malena Padgett but that her death certificate showed her as the daughter of William Lovelace and Milly Hollifield.  Greg Lovelace, 683 Edmonds Dr., Charleston, SC 29412,, writes that ‘Malena is actually Malena/Malinda Lovelace, daughter of William Lovelace and Cynthia/Sintha Hollifield.  I have her with various names Malena, Melena, Malinda, Malindy … and the middle initial P.  She is listed in the 1850 census, Sandy Run, Rutherford Co., NC, as Malinda Lovelace, age 10, in the home of William and Cyntha Lovelace.  The article gives her name as Malena Padgett, and Padgett may have indeed been her middle name.  Her maternal grandmother was Emsy Padgett Hollifield, married to Elijah Hollifield.  The informant for the death certificate was S. B. Green, probably Sidney B. Green, son of Malinda and her first husband William Green.”

While this may not seem like much, it is a correction that was actually accepted by the editor of the Bulletin, Mr. Miles Philbeck, who is a noted NC genealogist, and I feel honored that he saw fit to include my correction to his article in the ensuing issue of the journal!

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