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  1. We have just received our first (more to come) report from Gregg’s research into my great grandmother’s Caston (SC) family. Based on his careful research, we now know that one of the important first names we were using for searches, was incorrect.
    To say that is/was a “game changer” is a major understatement. Now we can go forward far more efficiently, and the discovery opens up new avenues of research into other, related families we did not realize were connected.
    We were highly impressed with the professionalism of his report and the conclusions he made–and supported–in his narrative.

  2. I had Greg search for records on a specific SC ancestor and gave a specific budget, and he did exactly as asked. I am very pleased with the results and will use him again as the needs arise.

  3. greg says:

    Thanks, Mike. Your project allowed me to trace George Cotchett’s life from Columbia, where he worked for a very rich uncle, to Charleston, where he continued his work in the import/export trade. His being named co-executor of that uncle’s will appears to have led to some ill will within his own family. I also observed the over-extension of his financial reserves in pre-Civil War Charleston, which appears to have resulted in the loss of his status and his fortune. It was a sad story, but all too common. Thank you for the opportunity to work on the project!

  4. Mike Sharpe says:

    Greg was a tremendous help when I needed ‘on the ground’ assistance in following my client’s family history research through from Britain to South Carolina. He has a tremendous knowledge of South Carolina history and archives. This allowed us not only to clarify the genealogy but also to build up a very detailed picture of the family’s early years in the United States. All of this was achieved with a highly professional and methodical approach, and great communication.

  5. David Harberson says:

    Greg has been invaluable in helping me trace my South Carolinian heritage and in particular creating the paper trail for an application for the Sons of the American Revolution. His research and write ups are very detailed and very logical – navigating what are often confusing and contradictory documents. He has detailed knowledge of South Carolina and its history which is critical in the research I have been doing and also with me being so far away. He has been a pleasure to work with and I have learnt a huge amount from his expertise. I hope to work with him again in the next chapter of my research.

  6. Keith Fletchers says:

    I live in Texas and our most notable family brick wall is in South Carolina so we hired Greg’s assistance. In the end, we did not crash down that wall and find the answers we were looking for. At some point one, especially one who has been on this hunt for 10+ years, has to know when to wave a white flag, and we had only a certain budget for Greg’s efforts.
    That said, Greg meticulously chronicled all the stones he overturned and researched, detailing names and references, all those necessary charts of clues that can be ruled out of one’s search. Within them, and some other notes, we have some names and references that may serve as clues to future searches.
    Not every search can result in a slam-dunk find, especially in documents 1810 and earlier, trying to find the parents of a character with no known siblings. If not, then you need a detailed account of what was searched for when you choose to move forward. We needed a trustworthy, knowledgeable set of eyes and hands to condense warehouses of information down to small manageable carts to be thumbed through one by one. Greg provided this and that was the best we could ask.

  7. Leigh Murrin says:

    I do not live in the US so I asked Greg to locate some records for me in Charleston. This research has really helped me to further my family history. Greg was very prompt and communicated me with regularly. It was a pleasure to work with him.

  8. Muriel Lippard says:

    I have been doing genealogy research on my own family for 35 years but there were a couple of loose ends that I could never seem to make progress on. In just a short time Greg was able to find info that had eluded me for years. I really enjoyed working with him.

  9. Carrie C. Mackenzie says:

    Greg Lovelace has been doing genealogy research for me since Nov. 2013, and we are not yet finished with the difficult problem of identifying a branch of my family tree that lived in South Carolina during the mid to late 1700’s. I knew that this project would be very difficult. I’ve been looking at this branch from my home in California for more than ten years. As an serious family researcher, yet unable to travel from coast to coast, I needed the help of someone “really good” to help me locate relevant documents, retrieve and transcribe them, study the results and advise me on avenues of pursuit.

    There is no doubt that I chose the right person for the job. Greg is very professional, attentive to detail, and his organization skills and work products are exceptional. Having spent some time transcribing old documents myself, I am astonished by his talent in that area alone. We have more work to do, but I am confident that if the answers are out there, Greg will find them.

    A very satisfied customer!

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