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We are a research service located in Charleston, South Carolina conducting family history and social science research.

Are you interested in researching your family tree or have questions about specific ancestors?  Have you hit a brick wall in your own research?  Has one of your ancestors gone into hiding?  Is the story about your great-great-grandfather that your grandmother told you a while back really the way things happened?  Do you have photographs or paper copies of documents you would like to convert to digital files and organize into folders?  Greg Lovelace will be happy to help you.

Dr. Susan Lovelace is an accomplished social scientist who can help you with your social science research needs.

9 Responses to Part of the Tree Research Services

  1. Carolyn McCoy says:

    Nice web page, Greg!

  2. Linda Parsons says:

    I’ve been on this site five minutes and already learned something that affects one of my lines! “South Carolina Dower Laws” answered a question I had wondered about early on in my research, but hadn’t found an answer to and eventually let it pass unanswered. Thanks, Greg. Seems I’m often saying, and thinking, thanks to you. Your help in my search for roots has been invaluable through the years.

  3. Jonnie in SC says:

    Very nice, Greg! I am impressed. And I’ve bookmarked your site so I can check in on your later.

  4. Greg, I see you are still busy. You can’t stop a real Lovelxxx can you? I will be 77 in a few months, but work hard for my age. I have published 63 books this year, many of which I wrote or co-authored. My body is a wreck but my mind is still good. You can go to alton e. loveless on amazon and get a look if you wish.
    We have downsized so my wife doesn’t have to clean as much or deal with stairs.
    Blessing friend,

  5. Rita Lovelace says:

    Hi Greg, I am from the Wisconsin Lovelace family. Jonas Lovelace would be my 3rd great grandfather. From what I read in Wisconsin county history, Jonas, came from New York with a short stay in Michigan, But he married Hanah Young in Canada. I cannot find anything in New York or prior to that time. Can anybody help me?
    Thank you,
    Rita Lovelace from Wisconsin

    • greg says:

      Hi, Rita. There is a possibility that folks on the Lovelace List ( might be able to help you. The list has been running for over 20 years, and a lot of good research has been shared there. If you’re interested in subscribing (it is free) let me know and I can subscribe you. I hae checked the list archives and found some mentions of your Jonas there while he was in Wisconsin. More info may be available. Contact me at my email address.

      • Susie says:

        Hi Rita and Greg: I recently came across an obit for a Mrs. Elizabeth Lovelace who died 12 Sep 1927 in Cadiz Twp., Green Co., WI but am thinking she was the widow of Andrew who was born ca 1838 in Canada?, son of Hannah Lovelace, who is the wife of Jonas? When did Jonas die and where? Can you fill me in on this Lovelace family?

        • greg says:

          You’re probably correct about Elizabeth being the wife of Andrew. Census records appear to support that. However, I haven’t found much on Andrew in a quick search. But, in searching the archives of the Lovelace List on Rootsweb, I recalled a post I made earlier this month in reply to an obituary found for Amelia Henriksen, the daughter of Jasper Kelly and Velletah (Wallace) Lovelace and a descendant of Jonas. Here is the link:

          I have just found the probate papers of Jonas L. Lovelace of Wiota, Lafayette County, WI on in which his wife Hannah and George Way are referred to as executors of his estate and Andrew is a devisee and a petitioner to the court. The papers also include a copy of Jonas’s will naming his wife Hannah and sons Omar[?], Andrew, and Joseph. The will was written and signed by Jonas on 21 July 1854. The will appears to have entered probate on 15 September 1854 in Lafayette County. So Jonas probably died near his home in Wiota, Lafayette County, Wisconson sometime between 21 July and 15 September 1854.

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