Didja ever have one of those days (months, years)?

Well, it has happened.  I have really overextended myself in genealogy work.  I guess it happens to everyone at some point who goes into business for him/herself.  I now find myself way behind on three client projects, have one waiting in the wings to begin, have two methods presentations to give in February, one online and one in person, for which I have done nothing yet to prepare.

In all fairness, there has been a lot going on.  A week-long visit from a daughter and bofriend over Christmas in the midst of having new siding and windows installed on our house.  Add to that helping to care for a relative with worsening Alzheimer’s dementia, and it’s no wonder that I’m lagging.  So I need to get myself focused and get to work.  Working now on a Herrington family who supposedly traces back to South Carolina.  Next is to finish a DNA study for a Carter family member who goes back to Barnwell District, South Carolina.  Then a series of records found at the SC Archives for a man who came into Charleston in the 1750’s as a young boy and fought in the Revolution, ending up as a citizen of Pendleton District, South Carolina.  I have many many pages of records to transcribe and a timeline to develop.

Ahh…  genealogy…

So many questions, so little time.

And back to work….

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