Searching for Cotchetts in Charleston, South Carolina

It has been a productive day on my latest commission. I spent today at the Charleston County Public Library trying to find information on the family of George Cotchett for a new client, and as I said, it was a good day. I found entries in the Charleston Death Ledger for Mr. Cotchett’s wife Anna (Pratt) Cotchett and for some Cotchett individuals who may or may not be related, with dates ranging from 1830 to 1867. I found entries for George and some of his sons in the Charleston City Directories for years ranging from 1831 to 1860 (1831, 1835-6, 1840-1, 1849, 1852, 1855, 1856, 1859, and 1860). I found a listing for George in the 1861 census of the city of Charleston. I found business records (bills of lading from 1831) for George, who was a “factor” or shipping agent in Charleston. I found indications of the churches he and his family may have attended (3rd Presbyterian and Central Presbyterian in Charleston). And I found mention in the South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research of the marriage of George and Anna in 1824. At the Addlestone Library at the College of Charleston I tried to find a microfilm copy of the newspaper from Columbia that was cited in the article, but was unsuccessful. However, when I was poking around on tonight, I was able to find the wedding announcement in the Charleston Courier, and I promptly downloaded that puppy. So I’m feeling very good about the day’s work. I wish all my searches could be this productive!

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