Noah Loveless of Abbeville, reprise

Just a followup to yesterday’s post about Noah Loveless of Abbeville District, South Carolina.  Jack D. Lovelace, a regular contributor on the Lovelace surname listserv on Rootsweb (, posted the following in response, which he has kindly allowed me to post here:

“Rachael Irvin(e) is the daughter of John Irvine and his wife Rachel Lovelace.  Rachel Lovelace is the daughter of James Lovelace and Joanna Smith.

“James and Noah Lovelace appear on the 1800 federal census for Abbeville District.  I have not been able to locate James on the 1790 census.

“Noah, I think, is on the 1790 federal census for Charles County, Maryland, where he is listed as Moab Lovelace.  Both James and Noah are found on the 1787 tax roll for Culpeper County, Virginia.

“Noah does not have any male descendents that have taken the Y-DNA test.  James has two … [b]oth are in the Maryland DYS 439(12) sub-group.

“Based on the foregoing, I have tentatively decided that James and Noah are brothers to John Lovelace who married Mylla (maiden name unknown).  I have not located any documentation that says that that conclusion is incorrect.”

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