Awaiting the storm

Good morning!

I’m sharing a cuppa coffee [_]7 with you this morning as I await the arrival of the ice/snow that is forecast for later today in the SC Lowcountry.  It’s chilly outside, and the temp is dropping.  The weatherpeople are talking about 1-2 inches of ice this afternoon, followed by maybe a half to an inch of snow on top of that.  Looking outside my office window, I can tell you that it is definitely gray and heavy out there.  My wife, in Mobile, AL for a conference, is supposed to fly in to Charleston tomorrow night late.  Hopefully all this will be over by the time she is supposed to board.  She has to go through Charlotte to get here, and I’m just not sure she’s gonna be able to fly in there.  I just hope she can get home safely tomorrow.

I’m still suffering with this nasty winter cold or flu that has been squeezing my head and chest between its bony hands for nearly a week now.  This just isn’t fair!  I’m supposed be on leave from my job, which officially ends on Friday.  And instead of enjoying myself, I’ve been fighting this thing, first with my wife having it, and now me.  I’m really tired of it.  It is time to get better!

I’ve got a number of genealogy-related projects waiting for me.  A client in California has authorized six more hours of work on her SC ancestor, and I need my health to improve so I can visit the library for her.  I also have hundreds of emails from the past years to go through and extract data for my database.  There must be two or three hundred obituaries at least from researchers on the Rootsweb Lovelace list!  And that’s not to mention conversations I’ve had with various researchers over the years.  My email box has become just like my office…  piled with stacks of stuff full of data.  I have GOT to get going, or it will never get into my database to share.  And then there are all those stacks of real paper that need to be gone through.  I’m just hoping that I will get a chance to try and make a dent in some of these piles, both real and virtual.

And with that, I’m off to grab another cup [_]7 and jump headfirst into the piles!

Y’all have a great day.  Stay warm and safe.

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