Fighting Technology

Well, it has been one of those mornings.

My Seagate external drive that was being used to back up all our computers has now malfunctioned.  I have an extra one, thank heavens, but now I have to re-do the settings on all the computers to get them to back up to this spare drive.  What a mess!

AAAAND….  I am trying to do things the right way and document a family photograph which was scanned and sent to me many moons ago by a cousin, and I can’t get my source templates in my TMG program (The Master Genealogist) to work right! So it has been a wasted morning, I guess.  And the early afternoon as well.

Guess I just need to kick back, have a cuppa coffee  [_]7 , delete the templates I just created, and start all over again.  Jeez…..


Hope your day is going better!

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