Many, many projects!

One of the things about being unemployed/retired (or whatever you want to call it) that has always surprised me to hear people say is that they are much busier than when they had a day job.  That is beginning to ring true for me, and I begin to understand.  I now have a bunch of stuff to do around the house, including trying to regularly clean the house, make minor repairs, and other things that tend to pop up.  One of those things occurs tomorrow, as we switch over from a combination of DirecTV service and Comcast Xfinity internet access to package with AT&T UVerse for both.  According to what we are told, we will have a DVR on each TV, which will hopefully solve some recording conflicts, and we will double our internet speed, which will help for the business and for my daughter’s World of Warcraft obsession.  We’ll see how much of what the salesperson said actually comes true.

Genealogically, I have two clients I’m doing research for, and a couple more volunteer projects to work on, in addition to trying to get some research done on my lines.  I’m also trying to keep up with this blog and with Rootsweb mailing lists I administer.  And tonight is the first meeting of the ProGen Study Group that I have joined.  So I can understand having a plate piled high of juicy projects and wondering where to start.  I guess I should grab a cup of coffee [_]7 and just dive in.  Wish me luck!

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