Services and rates: Genealogy

Research Services:  I conduct basic family tree research in all areas of the United States, specializing in the southern states, particularly the Carolinas.   I also offer advanced research in national repositories (the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, the Library of Congress, the National Archives, etc.).  Whatever your research needs, I can help.

Document Search and Retrieval:  I have access to local repositories (libraries, courthouses, churches, historical associations) in Charleston and throughout the South Carolina low country, and can visit those repositories to search for and obtain copies of documents which might help you in your own research.

Cemetery Searches:  I can visit cemeteries in Charleston and other areas of the Carolinas and Georgia in search of the graves of your ancestors, and supply you with high quality digital photographs of grave markers and transcriptions of the writings on those grave markers.

Instruction and Guidance:  Genealogy is rewarding hobby which can be shared with family and friends.  If you desire to learn more about genealogical research and begin your own quest for your roots, I am willing to work with you and guide you through the first steps of your research, helping you to search for available records and sharing with you my research methods. 

Document Scanning and Organization:  Are you drowning in paper copies of documents and other papers you have collected?  Let me scan those papers into digital files and organize them into folders for you.  Whatever your sorting preference (by surname, date, state/county, or any combination or category you choose), I can help you to get those paper files into a workable system so you can find what you need when you need it.

Document transcription and abstraction:  Are you having trouble reading an old handwritten document?  Do you need a transcript or an abstract of the data it contains?  I can decipher that clerk’s chicken scratch and tell you exactly what the document says and what I think it means.

My rate for all services is $70 per hour plus any expenses, including but not limited to:

  • cost for copies, postage, and other miscellaneous expenses
  • parking fees
  • mileage
  • per diem charges for any required travel

After an initial discussion on goals and expectations, a contract for services will be presented for client’s review and approval.  A minimum retainer of $120 in advance is required for research and for scanning and organization, representing two hours of work.  Negotiated blocks of time can be authorized following the initial two hours.

I look forward to serving you and helping you to break down those brick walls separating you from your ancestors.




2 Responses to Services and rates: Genealogy

  1. Want to know if you are accepting new clients. Need a bloodhound to end a decades old mystery, somehow lost over time. From amateur and semi-pro genealogists (myself included) we have extensive information about Thomas Fletcher (b: 13 Feb 1812 S.C., d: 30 May 1879 TX), about his life that took him from South Carolina to California, settling in Texas, his marriage to Martha Rister (Troup Co., GA 25 Dec 1835) and 11 children (born in GA, AL, AR & TX). But we do not know who Thomas’ parents are. We do not know where the family line extends beyond Thomas. We do have DNA findings that link us to Charles Fletcher of S.C. (1790-1849), but is he an uncle or father? We don’t have the paper trail connecting them.

    • greg says:

      I replied to you by email. I’m looking forward to working on your project. Thank you for your business and for the opportunity.

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